Short video entries


The Danish actress Nanna Finding Koppel has rejected roles in film and television, since the parts offered were too stereotypical. She is a part of an increasing international tendency among actresses and actors that refuse to take part in hetero-normative and stereotypical portraits of men and women.

The GEMINI project researches gender representation in European serial drama. The Koppel case is a good example of how changes occur both behind the scenes and on-stage.

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The recent Danish series “Killjoy” (TV 2, 2023) provocatively enters debates about gender equality, sexuality, and modern gender relationships. This series is a very good example of the type of series that the GEMINI research project engages with. Not only is it possible to discuss the subject matter from different points of view.

This is also a textbook example of a clip that could easily enter high school teaching and present teachers with an obvious opportunity to debate and discuss gender equality. Do you agree with the point of views presented in this clip? Let us know through our YouTube channel.