The 10 partner institutions of GEMINI compose the Consortium responsible for the implementation of the project as defined in the contract with the European Commission. The Project Coordinator is Marica Spalletta, Associate Professor in Media Sociology at Link Campus University.

Tasks and activities related to Project Management are included in WP1 (“Managing and Coordinating”). It has the following goals:

  • ensuring that the overall project objectives are achieved effectively and properly,
  • ensuring that the project is conducted in accordance with the schedule defined in the Work Plan, and with the resources assigned to all project activities,
  • ensuring compliance of the foreseen objectives and results with the actually developed and achieved actions of the GEMINI project,
  • ensuring a smooth day-to-day running of the project,
  • effectively managing the communication within the Consortium,
  • ensuring and managing the communication and exchanges with stakeholders and actors to guarantee external input by them during the activities development,
  • coordinating the project work packages, management of resources allocation,
  • ensuring a high level of quality in the management of the entire action for making certain, constantly along the project development, the transferability of its results and experiences.

To guarantee the successful and timely execution of all the planned activities, the Project Coordinator works in close collaboration with four bodies, which are:

  • Management Board is composed of one representative from each partner institution. It supervises the project’s main actions and is responsible for strategic decisions, progress follow-up, adjustments, and conflict resolution.
  • Quality Assurance Committee is composed of members from each partner institution. It ensures the quality of the budget control and time management.
  • Work Package Leaders are in charge of the timely and effective achievement of the work package goals and the successful completion of the deliverables.
  • Expert Advisory Board is composed of external members on gender issues at European level specially invited by the Consortium (7 experts at country level – one in each participating country – and 2 at EU level). It provides independent external advice on scientific issues relevant to the project and serves as a first point of contact in communicating and applying the results of the project.