In line with the EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025 and from an intersectional perspective, the research-action project GEMINI – Gender Equality through Media Investigation and New training Insights aims to tackle gender-based stereotypes that create gender inequalities and empower young adults to create products that convey positive messages of gender equality.

Focusing on the representation of gender identities in TV series and how they can contribute to gender equality, GEMINI addresses European high school students and trainers/teachers in four different European geographical and socio-cultural areas (Mediterranean, Northern, Eastern and Anglo-Saxon) to reach the following goals through a varied set of activities:

  1. Investigating the production and narrative strategies underlying the representation of gender identities in TV series and how such representation affects the promotion of gender equality among the target groups through in-depth interviews with key informants, textual/production analysis, and media content/sentiment analysis on a selected corpus of TV series.
  2. Understanding the target groups’ awareness about gender equality and how they perceive the representation of gender identities on TV through focus groups, multi-language surveys, semi-structured interviews.
  3. Enhancing analytical, relational and communication skills on gender equality practices and models through the development of the educational toolkit
  4. Spreading a gender equality-oriented culture through self-produced communication initiatives, such as audiovisual products and the screenwriting contest.
  5. Providing guidelines and policy recommendations on how to communicate gender equality addressed to EU and national institutions as well as broadcasters and streaming platforms.
  6. Exploiting the project results and disseminating them among the target groups and the general public through the website, communication activities, academic and promotional events, and scholarly publications.