Educational toolkit

Based on the GEMINI research findings, GEMINI scholars will design and develop the GEMINI Educational Toolkit.

It consists of a 20-hours training course addressed to high school students aiming at increasing awareness about diversity and reducing gender inequalities and stereotypes. By making them aware of the key role of serial drama in spreading key messages about gender issues, high school students will learn how to create scripts for audiovisual products that directly or indirectly address the issue of gender equality.

This work also includes the development and design of different open access resources and supporting materials to use in high schools during workshops with young adults.

During the GEMINI project lifetime, scholars will debut and test-run the educational toolkit in Italian, Bulgarian, and Irish schools. Each pilot involves an average of 200 students and 30 teachers. The betaversion of the toolkit will be localised, i.e. local translations of the material will be provided for the pilot country, while specific topics addressed to central gender issues in the specific country. The output of each laboratory will consist of a script for audiovisual products.

Upon finalization, the educational toolkit will be launched through the project website.