Project GEMINI goes to 90 seconds of science

By Alexandre Condeças, 25 April 2024

In early April, Professor Joana Santos, the leader of WP2’s GEMINI Project, went on the 90 seconds of science (90 segundos de ciência, in Portuguese) radio initiative to discuss our project.

Originating from the Master’s in Science Communication at Universidade Nova in Lisbon, 90 seconds of science is an initiative which aims to amplify the voices of Portuguese researchers across the country (and abroad). It consists of a short radio format, with the ultimate goal of disseminating these researchers’ interest topics and discoveries to a broader community and counts on the support of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), Portugal’s national public agency dedicated to fostering research in science, technology, and innovation across all knowledge domains.

Professor Joana began by introducing herself as a faculty member and researcher in Psychology at the University of Algarve. She seized the moment to discuss the GEMINI project, starting by clarifying its acronym, Gender Equality through Media Investigation and New Training Insights, and highlighting its primary objective – to combat gender stereotyping.

Professor Joana, faculty member and researcher at the University of Algarve, Portugal.

She further outlined GEMINI’s goals to enhance the “awareness, attentiveness, and empowerment of high school students concerning gender inequality and diversity” and detailed the project’s innovative approach. In doing so, she described how GEMINI involves the participants from the start, through an integrative model, stating that “[GEMINI] allows the students, themselves, to select the series over which they want to work on (…)” emphasizing the role of serial content in promoting students’ critical thinking skills regarding the encompassing field of “gender”.

In her concluding remarks, Professor Joana highlighted the project’s ambitious nature, given the variety of participating European countries and the differing “speeds” and contexts associated with gender equality within them.

As GEMINI members, bringing our project to the 90 seconds of science initiative is a testament to the project’s overall pertinence and “catchiness”. Adding to this, 90 seconds of science’s appeal and concise format and the fact it’s broadcast by RTP 1 (Portugal’s public radio and television network) which ensures its easy and free access, makes it an excellent platform for maximizing GEMINI’s reach and impact – important aspects regarding the project’s sustainability both now and in the future.

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